• Creating Amon-Ra.Design

    RaNewBrandThis week I launched my new website, and re-branding of my company, Amon-Ra.Design, offering various web & graphic design services.

    NILE (New Ideas Last Eternally) Designs was the previous name of my company. One that started as a clothing line in Miami. It was the fusion of urban casual wear, with a Ancient Egyptian flair. When I moved to Atlanta in 2005, the company was no longer creating clothes, but I kept the name and used it for my creative services.

    This, however has always created a creative rift between my personal work and work I do under NILE. The two entities were forced to be separate, while being the same, if that makes sense. So, this year, it finally hit me, stop separating yourself and bring it all together under one umbrella, Amon-Ra.Design.

    My first challenge was to create a logo that wasn’t confusing. NILE Designs logo, while appealing, did not represent my services correctly. The new logo, Amon-Ra.Design, is better representative of myself, combining both my name and my website URL, making it very easy to remember me & my website.

    Social Media is also a part of my re-brand. I created Facebook Page for my services, and all of my other social media accounts, like Twitter & Instagram, have been branded as well. I want to give people the ability to find out more about me  and engage with me on the various platforms.

    So, besides that, nothing else will change 😉 If you are a client of mine, you will still receive the best service I can provide. Thanks to all of my friends and family who have supported me and for bearing with me during my re-brand. It was a great inward looking exercise and I’m looking forward to growing from here!